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The trolleybus was introduced in Biel in 1940 and this new type of transportation replaced the tram until 1948 completely. In 1955 and 1966 further sections were added, so the electric network grew up to four lines. This maximal expansion lasted for a quarter century until the line Biel Bahnhof - Madretsch was changed to a motor bus line. The reason for the reduction from three to two trolleybus lines was no shut down but a reorganisation in 1997. Since then only articulated trolleybuses run in Biel. 

Trolleybus fleet

Numbers Type In use Comments Preserved vehicles
21-27 Rigid trolleybus 1940-1980   21 (VB)
28-43 Rigid trolleybus 1948-1988   39
44-45 Rigid trolleybus 1958-1992    
61-72 Bus trailer      
1-10 Rigid trolleybus 1966-1997 1997 sold to Sibiu (Romania) 9 (TVS)
11-17 Rigid trolleybus 1980-1997 1997 sold to Sibiu (Romania) 11
61II-66II Articulated trolleybus 1985-2008 No. 61 was written-off after a fire in 1996  
67II-72II Articulated trolleybus 1988-2008    
80 Articulated trolleybus 1996-2008 Swisstrolley prototype (built in 1991)  
81-90 Articulated trolleybus since 1997 Collective order with Bern (SVB 1II-8II)  
51-60 Articulated trolleybus since 2008 Hess Swisstrolley 3  

Note: The second eldest trolleybus was preserved by the Verkehrsbetriebe Biel (VB). It was restored in 1990 for the 50 years jubilee. No. 21, built in 1940, can be chartered for extra courses.