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Azienda comuale dei trasporti Lugano: aerial work platform No. 67

Characteristics of aerial work platform No. 67 (1963)

TPL 67
Chassis / body work Fabbrica italiana di automobili Torino, Turin (FIAT)
Model 645N
In use 1963-2001 (-2009)
Engine power  
Length / width  
Seats / other two persons and a storage room incl. workshop
Empty weight  
Preserved vehicle No. 67


This aerial work platform built by FIAT was used for overhead line maintenance by the Azienda comunale dei trasporti della città di Lugano (ACTL) for decades. In the 1990ies it was equipped with a second-hand engine.

This vehicle stayed after the dismissal of the trolleybus in 2001 for some years and was used to maintain installations, especially at the depot Pregassona Rugì and the work shop Porza Cornaredo. After a while the responsible in Lugano started to look for a new owner for this historically interesting vehicle.

Thanks to our good cooperation, we were able to overtake this vehicle in autumn 2009. This operable vehicle already helped us to complete works on our area. In spring 2013 it was also used as scene object for a film project and so it was able to be moved on a longer distance once again.

From outside this vehicle represents mainly the condition during the last years of the trolleybus network. But unlike our trolleybuses from Lugano it claims the logo of the Trasporti pubblici luganesi SA (TPL), which was founded on the 1st January 2000. Hence it represents the last one and a half years, which can't be seen on our trolleybuses.